We Really Mean It!

“Please, stay in touch” is among the most overused phrases of modern American life.  I’ve used it countless times in my work as a library director, usually as the closing sentence in a conversation with a library supporter or detractor.   Sometimes, I have stayed in touch.  Often, I have not.

Since September, that phrase has taken new meaning for myself and our library staff.   We are now offering Library e-News to the public so when we tell patrons we want to stay in touch, we really mean it and we’re following through. 

ABBE  library patrons now are offered the choice of eight e-newsletters, including monthly newsletters specific to our five largest libraries as well as a Kids e-newsletter, Teens ‘n Tweens e-newsletter, and This Just In e-newsletter.   The library newsletters include program descriptions, dates, and times, book reviews and spotlights on specific library websites and databases.

I’ve heard from many library patrons who really enjoy receiving This Just In, our e-newsletter dedicated to publicizing  the newest books, audios, and videos added to the ABBE collection.   Our e-newsletter editors look for titles which are a little off the beaten track such as the recently featured non-fiction title, Fordlandia: the Rise and Fall of Henry Ford’s Forgotten Jungle City.  This book, which was a recommendation for purchase from an Aiken patron, details the automotive mogul’s failed attempt to establish a Ford Motor Company manufacturing presence in Brazil in the last century.  Since being featured in the e-newsletter, it has checked out several times. 

Patrons can register for the e-newsletters of their choice directly from our website or by visiting the service desk at an ABBE library.  Once the subscription is processed, the e-newsletters and occasional special announcements will be sent directly to patron e-mails.

So please let us stay in touch with you.  We really mean it!


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